UK restaurant gives free meals to kids if parents put their phones down

A Frankie & Benny's no-phone zone
A Frankie & Benny's no-phone zone

LONDON – What an awesome idea. 

A restaurant chain in the UK is offering free meals for children if their parents hand over mobile phones, according to the Lancashire Post

The British restaurant wants to encourage parents to put their cell phones down at the table, promoting family time.

A "No Phone Zone" box arrives at tables and parents can put their phones in. Free children's meals are offered as an incentive. 

"The chain said its research suggested 72% of British children wanted their parents to spend less time on their phone and more time talking to them," the Lancashire Post said. 

A spokesman for Frankie & Benny's told the Post: "We want family to come first when you step into a Frankie & Benny's, and even more so around Christmas. 

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