Mayor Lenny Curry's tweet during NBA Finals raises eyebrows

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File photo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Mayor Lenny Curry is getting feedback on a tweet he sent out during the NBA Finals.

The mayor tweeted at the rapper Drake, who is an avid Toronto Raptors fan, using a curse word and a reference to being armed with a weapon.

Referring to Steph Curry, a player for the Golden State Warriors, the mayor wrote:

Several users on Twitter had varying responses. One user wrote in response, "Vulgar." Another user wrote, "Which of your daily Bible verses does this most relate to?"

A third user wrote, "He's pretty good regarding interacting with people on Twitter. Based on what I've seen some 'keyboard warriors' say to him, he could have said a lot worse."

The mayor's office responded Monday, saying:

"The mayor was simply tweeting about Steph Curry while he was watching the game. That's who he is referring to. He had four tweets and quoted Drake because Steph Curry is a huge Drake fan. It's just a sports lover who is tweeting back and forth with people while watching a game."

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