Mickey takes a dive at Disney to entertain parkgoers

ORLANDO, Fla. – Mickey may be a mouse, but he's not afraid to get his fur wet! 

The Disney star was spotted scuba diving at Epcot in Orlando earlier this month to shock the crowd of people at the park. 

Ashley Brigham told News4Jax that she was visiting "The Seas with Nemo & Friends" attraction and aquarium when something they had never seen before happened. 

Mickey Mouse was swimming with the fishies underwater at Walt Disney World. Brigham filmed the interaction with her three daughters and Mickey as they played peek-a-boo and patty cake. 

"After we walked out (from the ride) we were all just so amazed and blown away with how cool it was!" Brigham told News4Jax. "My youngest daughter, who is almost 3, said, “it was super, super awesome!”

The attraction is themed as an underwater exploration base, with several exhibits devoted to oceanic study, but many guests had never been lucky enough to see the dive. 

Brigham said her daughters felt they were lucky to be able to play with Mickey and have that memory to take home and share for years to come. 

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