Pro-choice, anti-abortion protesters speak out in front of City Hall

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says no incidents outside City Hall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There appeared to be more police than protesters Monday at Jacksonville City Hall. The Coalition for Consent Coalition, a pro-choice advocacy group at 11 a.m. while a handful of anti-abortion protestors gathered nearby.

Coalition for Consent spokeswoman Cristina Kittle said they want to make sure lawmakers don’t propose new laws that would restrict abortion.

We don't want any more restricting bills to be even proposed in Florida," Kittle said. "Rep. Mike Hill was saying he wanted to do one just as restrictive as Alabama. We don't want that. We want ones that actually help people and are pro-active and get us that car that we need."

The counter-protesters said they were there because abortion is murder and they support laws that make it illegal.

"We try to code it up in soft language like saying 'terminating the pregnancy,' but what it actually is murder," Michael Cotter said. "It's murdering a child inside a child's womb and I think that any kind of murder, which is the killing of an innocent person, is wrong."

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said its officers were there in case of problems, but there were no incidents at the event.

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