Unlocked cars targeted 2 nights in a row in Yulee neighborhood

Laptop, credit cards among items reported stolen from vehicles in Timber Creek

YULEE, Fla. – There's a neighborhood crime alert in Nassau County, where one area of Yulee was hit twice this week with unlocked car break-ins.

It happened Wednesday in the Timber Creek neighborhood off of State Road 200, and then again Thursday.

Homeowner Steve Hunt, who lives in Timber Creek, shared home security footage with News4Jax. He has five cameras facing the street at his home.

"We live in a nice neighborhood. We want to live quiet. That’s why we live here," Hunt said. "We just try to watch out for each other and if we can help each other, we do."

In the footage, two people can be seen walking up to Hunt’s front yard and checking his car doors before walking to his next-door neighbor's house.

A Nassau County Sheriff's Office report lists at least five victims -- including a company vehicle for Stanley Security, from which a laptop was taken. Multiple credit cards were also reported stolen and all had activity at several locations in Duval County, the report shows. 

And that was just Wednesday night. Neighbors said the car burglars came back for round two the next night.

"They are pretty brazen. We are putting out video. I don’t know who else has videos," Hunt said. "We all keep our houses lit, but they didn’t care, obviously. They didn’t count on the cameras, I guess."

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating and processing evidence from the vehicles broken into.

The sheriff reminds the community that although Nassau County feels like a safe place to live, residents should lock their doors and be vigilant.

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