Close call: Motorcyclist nearly hit by driver in Putnam County

Mike Tuccelli was going 35 MPH when car veered into his lane

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. – Video obtained by News4Jax shows a close call between a motorcyclist and a car in Putnam County.

Mike Tuccelli, the 71-year-old motorcyclist, who is deaf, said he was going about 35 MPH when a car veered into his lane, nearly hitting him.

"I won't say I was lucky because I was glancing out of my left eye. If I had not, he would have hit me," Tuccelli said.

The video shows the driver didn't use her turn signal until after she entered Tuccelli's lane.

Tuccelli said he and other motorcyclists have experienced many close calls with cars and trucks, and they are now mounting cameras on their motorcycles to document the near-misses. Should a crash occurr, investigators could then look at the video to determine who was at fault.

"You have to assume no one sees you," Tuccelli said. "You see so many close calls every day."

The video was also concerning to Tuccelli's wife, Maureen.

"Every time that man walks out the door and comes back whole, I feel lucky," Maureen Tuccelli said. "This is his choice. He's 71 years old and he's been riding for a long time. I don't ride with him because I don't trust other drivers."

Statistics show in 2017, there were 590 motorcycle fatalities across Florida. That's 75 more than the year before.

Mike Tuccelli was on his way to Texas on Monday. He said due to the near miss, he would be taking his RV to the Lone Star State.

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