JaxPort handles higher car volumes

6.4% increase over last year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The first half of 2019 is in the books and JaxPort has seen an increase in the volume of cars coming through.

A report in Automotive logistics states JaxPort moves 356,550 cars around. That's an increase of 6.4% over the same period as last year.

Recently, JaxPort reached a long-term agreement with Amports, a vehicle-processing company, to lease 170 acres at the port.

In December 2018, construction on the first phase of the Dames Point auto terminal was finished. A JaxPort spokesperson told Automotive Logistics that the continued strong U.S. economy and the growing consumer base in the state of Florida and Southeast are contributing factors for making more space a priority.

Mexico accounts for 18% of the port's overall handling. But recently, Höegh Autoliners initiated a new trade lane linking Jaxport to Australia and New Zealand.