Container from semitrailer crash on Dames Point Bridge remains in river

Eight months after crash sent semitrailer over edge, container in water

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's been about eight months since a chain-reaction crash on the Dames Point sent a trailer over the edge of the bridge and into the St. Johns River, yet the container remains in the water.

Residents are concerned after seeing a photo showing a man standing on top of the container posted on Facebook.

The picture,  posted on the "Only in Duval" Facebook page, captured a man on top of the container that has sat in the St. Johns River since a crash in December. The caption reads, "Well, it's still there so had to take a picture on it."

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Some people are concerned because the trailer has been in the river since before Christmas last year.

"It may be a safety issue. It may roam, I don't know," said Walter Oberstreet, who lives near the Dames Point Bridge.

News4Jax asked officials at the City of Jacksonville to find out when the container will be removed, and asked about people climbing on the container. So far, there's not been an answer.

"I don’t know what’s taking so long. I know it’s shallow water over there. I don’t know if they can (get) a big barge in there, and get a crane on the bridge or lift it up. I don’t know," Oberstreet said.

The Florida Highway Patrol said it began as a chain reaction crash causing the semitrailer to go over the edge of the bridge. The interstate had to be shut down due to all the mangled cars involved in the Dec. 21, 2018 crash.

"You've got a lot of people real interested in it, and see what it is and (they) may not be aware what was in it," Oberstreet added.

Authorities say the box container trailer was carrying water and came loose into the river. Shortly after the incident, concerned boaters helped clean up the water bottles for fear of them polluting the St. Johns River and harming marine life. 

Some people have reached out to News4Jax, wondering why it's still in the water and to remind boaters to be careful around the obstacle. 

The Florida Highway Patrol said state agencies are coordinating with a wrecker company to have the trailer removed, but troopers didn't say how soon that would happen. 

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