Cinnamon-flavored Coke hitting shelves next month


Coca-Cola is hoping by the end of next month, you'll be ready to abandon your pumpkin spiced lattes and jump into some winter flavors.

The soft drink company is planning to launch a version of its iconic soda flavored with cinnamon on September 13.

If you're wondering how it tastes, cola aficionados in the UK have already given it the thumbs up.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar was such a big hit there last year, Coke decided to bring it stateside.

There's no word yet on whether we'll get the zero sugar version, a full sugar version or perhaps both.

One thing we do know is it will only be for a limited time.

After that, it will either return in subsequent years, or leave visitors to the World of Coca-Cola museum asking "why?" when they sample it at the end of the tour.

Coke also plans to launch a winter spiced cranberry variant of sprite at the same time.