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Fortnite game returns after going to black hole for over 36 hours

Players can now 'drop into a new world' with Fortnite Chapter 2

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It's back!

After seeing nothing but a black hole for more than a day, Fortnite users can now "drop into a new world," the game's Twitter account announced Tuesday.

Just after 2 p.m. Sunday, millions of players saw their screens turn into a tiny black hole after the game went out of existence during a live Fortnite event called, "The End."

Players around the world wondered what would happen next with the black hole still on their screens for more than 24 hours. 

But Fortnite returned Tuesday with the announcement that Chapter 2 is now available.

The update features a totally new map, and a ton of new skins for players to earn and buy. Players will keep anything earned during Chapter 1.

The update was supposed to launch on Thursday, so this is a bit of an early surprise for fans.

Watch the launch trailer: