Trial to determine if Broward County sheriff gets job back

The possible reinstatement of his job has become so emotional that at least one death threat has been made.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A historic trial at the Florida Capitol next week will decide whether the sheriff in charge during the Parkland shootings in South Florida gets his job back.

The family of Meadow Pollack, one of 17 killed in the Parkland massacre, were making the rounds meeting with senators who will ultimately vote to re-instate or uphold the suspension of former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. 

Sen. Tom Lee (R-Florida) said it was a difficult meeting.

"They are pretty passionate about seeing Sheriff Israel removed from office, but I found them to be very respectful," Lee said.

Many, if not all of the families affected by the shooting, will be represented in Tallahassee next week. Andrew Pollack said they are all in unison that Israel not be re-instated.

"He put failed policies in place. Deputies may go in rather than shall. Forty-five calls to the killers house without any type of protocols. Eight of his deputies failed to enter the building. He failed to follow up on a tip this kid was going to be a shooter. The command center failed. A captain resigned. A lieutenant resigned," said Andrew Pollack.

Special Master Dudley Goodlet recommended Israel be re-instated. 

The Department of Law Enforcement is investigating a threat against his life. Extra security will be in place in the Capitol on Monday.