Robberies prompt heightened police presence on FSU campus

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A string of robberies on Florida State University’s campus have law enforcement ramping up their efforts. 

Four robberies were reported in FSU's campus in as many weeks. 

It’s left some students with a sense of unease.

“I definitely made sure to keep my doors locked,” said FSU student Anna Hammer.

FSU student Juliana Joyce has a long trek to class from her off-campus apartment.

“You have to like go through the tunnel to get everywhere. So yeah, it's pretty scary. It just makes me feel like we're not as safe,” said Joyce.

The most recent robbery resulted in a student gashed with a knife. 

Suspect Rodney Jermaine Joyner remains in jail without bond.

FSU Police Chief Terri Brown said the other three attacks are still under investigation.

"We have leads, and we'll keep everybody posted as the investigations unfold,” said Brown.

FSU police are urging students to make good use of all safety resources, including about 400 blue light stations across campus.

"Safe Escort, Seminole Safe App. Go to our website where you can see the resources that we have,” said Brown.

As an added level of safety, FSU PD has ramped up patrol efforts around campus. 

“We have reached out to the sheriff's department and the city police department to help us with our efforts,” said Brown.

It’s a reassuring sign to student Tyler Wilson.

“It kind of shows me like OK, there's someone who would be nearby to help out if something were to happen,” said Wilson.

FSU President John Thrasher also sent out an email to students alerting them of the recent robberies and reassuring the university's commitment to student safety, noting the addition of 15 additional campus police officers over the past five years and improved lighting and security cameras across campus.

Patrol officers are keeping an eye out for suspicious looking people.

FSU is an open campus, in the county with the highest crime rate in the state.