Nurse says man tried to pull her from car at Jacksonville senior living facility

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A nurse who works at a Jacksonville senior living facility said she’s shaken up after a man tried to pull her out of her car in the parking lot.

According to a report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, it happened Monday night outside Brookdale Atrium Way.

Shaquandrea Williams told News4Jax she has whiplash and some bruising on her hand from trying to fight the man off. She said she was just about to head home for the night when she was attacked.

“As I was getting in my driver’s seat to touch my button to turn my car on, someone snatched my whole body out of my car,” Williams said. “My entire shirt was ripped off of me.”

Williams said her coworker was by her side and jumped in to help, scaring the man off. Jennetta Peart said she sprained her ankle running after the man in the dark, attempting to get a description for police.

“I tried to at least get something,” Peart said.

Neither of the two women were able to get an accurate description for police, saying it was too dark. They said staff and security have expressed concerns about lighting on the property in the last several months.

On an unrelated note, the facility is the same facility where three residents reported being sexually assaulted last year.

When asked for comment on the most recent incident, Brookdale Atrium Way’s corporate office sent News4Jax the following statement:

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