Some primary care physicians want to be involved in COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Medical director at Family Care Partners: ‘I think the flaw in the rollout was not including primary care offices a little earlier in the process’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The COVID-19 vaccine rollout will expand in Duval County this week when two testing sites begin operating as vaccination sites.

But some primary care physicians wish they could be a part of the rollout.

“I think the flaw in the rollout was not including primary care offices a little earlier in the process,” said Dr. Charles Warren, medical director at Family Care Partners.

Warren said they’ve been waiting for the chance to step in and help get the vaccine to their patients. Family Care Partners developed a vaccine support team and has been ready to start distribution, but the vaccine hasn’t been made available to the practice.

News4Jax asked Warren what about the distribution of the vaccine has been troubling for primary care offices like his.

“Distribution to the hospitals may not have been quite as quick as we like,” Warren said. “I feel like it took a while before they opened up their resources to the independent health care providers in the community.”

Patients have been asking when they will get the vaccine, and Warren said their offices are the first place many people will go because they trust them and would rather not go to a centralized location.

“The patients tell me they can’t reach them, they’re waiting in lines,” Warren said. “And these elderly patients, it’s difficult for them to go to these central locations, especially in a city like Jacksonville that’s so spread out.”

He said he’s reached out to leaders and medical officers but never got a response. But he said he’s hoping by the time distribution for large groups comes, their offices will be included.

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