Florida House backs lottery warnings

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File photo

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – With little comment, the House on Wednesday voted 108-9 to support a proposal that would warn people playing the lottery about the risks of the state’s games of chance.

The measure (HB 991) would require the words “Play Responsibly” -- a message already used in Florida Lottery advertising -- to cover 5 percent of the face of each ticket and to be placed on all advertisements and promotions.

However, the odds of the proposal reaching the governor’s desk appear to be low.

A similar Senate measure (SB 1318), sponsored by Gainesville Republican Keith Perry, was never heard in committee.

Also, lawmakers last year passed a bill with a more robust warning about the risks of playing the lottery, but Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed it.

The Republican governor expressed concern about the warning having a negative effect on the money that the Florida Lottery contributes to the state education system.

The 2019 bill would have required warnings to be prominently displayed on 10 percent of the face of all lottery tickets, as well as advertisements and promotions.