‘I hope he enjoys his stay’: Volusia sheriff eager to welcome man charged with threatening him to Florida

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told The Morning Show on Thursday that he refuses to be intimidated, despite online threats from hate groups.

After the FBI reported Monday on a sharp rise in hate crimes, News4JAX reported about a man who was part of a hate group who was accused of threatening Chitwood.

Richard Jordan reportedly threatened on a hate group’s online channel to put a bullet in Chitwood’s head because of his aggressive stance concerning antisemitism.

Police in New Jersey tracked Jordan down and took him into custody.

Chitwood said he is planning to have Jordan extradited to Florida.

“We’re gonna give him a one-way flight to Volusia County, and when he lands, he’s gonna stay at the happiest place on earth, the Volusia County branch jail,” Chitwood said. “And he’s gonna get to meet me the minute he steps into Volusia County.”

Chitwood said the greeting will be short and sweet.

“I’m gonna introduce myself. I’m going to say, ‘Welcome to Volusia County. I hope he enjoys his stay. I’m Sheriff Chitwood and welcome to the happiest place in Volusia County,’” Chitwood said. Others in hate groups reportedly threatened not only the sheriff but his daughter and other family members. Chitwood calls them “scumbags” and “carpetbaggers.” And he has a message for them.

“Yeah, they’re a bunch of cowardly scum, and they’re whole thing is to implant fear. They don’t live here. They came into my county,” Chitwood said. “I felt like it was a home invasion robbery. They attacked members of my community, members of the Jewish (community), and we’re not gonna stand for it.”

Chitwood said the hate won’t be tolerated and the haters have to remember, “there are more of us than them.”

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