Floridians: Not enough information on amendments

By The News Service of Florida

The approval of 60 percent of Florida voters is needed to pass any amendment to the state Constitution --- but a new survey shows that's also how many Floridians say they don't get enough information on ballot measures. 

According to the poll from the University of South Florida and The Nielsen Company, six in 10 Floridians don't feel like they hear enough about the pros and cons of each proposed amendment, a proportion higher than the poll found in the last two election years --- 55 percent in 2014 and 48 percent in 2012.

Only 22 percent of those interviewed for the annual Sunshine State Survey said they get enough information.

The poll also showed that roughly two-thirds of registered voters --- 67 percent --- would support changing state law to allow voters who are signed up with smaller parties or don't register with a party to cast votes in the Republican or Democratic primaries.

Only 31 percent said Florida should hang with its "closed primary" system.

The 2016 Sunshine State Survey interviewed 1,248 Florida residents from Sept. 1 to Sept. 19, with a margin of error of 2.77 percentage points.

The poll results are rolled out over a period of time; the release on elections is the third so far. A fourth batch of results, focused on state services like education, health care and transportation, is set to be released Tuesday.

News Service of Florida