Family dog eats $1,000 in cash

Couple forced dog to throw up to get money back

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Dog eats $1,000 cash

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - Many people have heard the excuse "a dog ate my homework," but not many can say they have heard of a dog eating $1,000 cash.

But that's what a St. Augustine couple said their dog Tuity, a Labrador Retriever, chow, bulldog mix, did.

"I just think this is hilarious," the dog's owner Christy Lawrenson said.

Lawrenson laughs about it now, but two weeks ago, she was out $1,000.  

"My husband and I are trying to pay off my car, and so every time we save $1,000, we just take it to the bank and we just put it in the account, so we have no checks," she said.

She withdrew the money, paper clipped it together and left it in an envelope on the counter. Lawrenson and her husband went to work, but when her husband came home on his lunch break, the envelope was gone.

When he looked in the living room, he saw pieces of one-hundred dollar bills scattered across the floor. The rest, including the paper clip, was in Tuity's stomach.

Lawrenson's husband poured peroxide down Tuity's throat before she came home on her lunch break.

"I took the money from the vomit and put it in a bag and saved it for him because I didn't want to puzzle it back together. It was still not real to me even though I had dug through vomit all afternoon," Lawrenson said.

They pieced the money back together and took it to the bank.

"My mother-in-law and our best friend were here and we were speechless. But they just laughed the whole evening and they helped us retrieve $900," Lawrenson said.

Tuity managed to eat too many serial numbers on the last one-hundred dollar bill. The couple sent it to the Department of Treasury with a letter explaining what happened in hopes of being reimbursed for the rest.

"I didn't really see that one coming, and I guarantee we'll keep money away from now on," Lawrenson said.

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