World of Nations festival takes place this weekend in Jacksonville

International, multi-cultural festival has taken place for 28 years in city

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – World of Nations is an international, multi-cultural festival that has been happening for 28 years in Jacksonville, and every year there is something new to learn about the world.

Traveling around the world is unnecessary this weekend if you live in Jacksonville, because this weekend, the world is brought to you through the World of Nations.

"I personally did not know there were so many cultures represented in our city. Our neighbors can be from a totally different country, but I've been living here for 15 years, and the fact that they can hold onto that heritage, I think it's the best," said Paola Lorenzo, city of Jacksonville Sports and Entertainment media specialist.

With dozens of ethnicities and cultures, the smell of African, Spanish, Asian and European food fills the air and everyone gets to learn more about a way of life they never knew.

"I can't miss a year. I love all the different activities and different shows. I love the fact that I can travel around the whole world in two hours. I love the food. Oh, my God, I'm so full. I have to take my rice balls home," said Sharmaine Jones, who attended World of Nations.

For anyone who may have missed out Saturday, World of Nations will begin Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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