Jacksonville & Clay patients among 3 new COVID-19 deaths in Florida

50 cases now in Duval, 36 in Alachua, 18 in St. Johns, 8 in Clay

A lab technician begins semi-automated testing for COVID-19 at Northwell Health Labs. (Photo by Andrew Theodorakis)
A lab technician begins semi-automated testing for COVID-19 at Northwell Health Labs. (Photo by Andrew Theodorakis) (Getty Images)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville patient and another in Clay County are among the latest casualties of COVID-19 as new data released Monday evening placed Florida’s death toll at 17.

That brings the number of deaths in Northeast Florida to five, including three in Jacksonville and two in Clay County.

The latest Jacksonville patient to die was an 84-year-old man with no travel history, while Clay County’s newest death was an 82-year-old man whose case is classified as travel-related.

The number of positive tests statewide has increased to 1,227, including 124 confirmed cases in Northeast Florida, according to the latest Florida Department of Health data.

The new batch of cases represents a 220-case increase compared to the 1,007 cases reported by the health department around the same time Sunday evening.

So far, 124 cases have been identified in 10 counties across Northeast Florida — Duval (50), Alachua (36), St. Johns (18), Clay (8), Baker (3), Flagler (3), Columbia (2), Putnam (2), Bradford (1) and Nassau (1).

Notably, the state has acknowledged that 34 of its coronavirus cases are residents of long-term care facilities. Those include 14 in Duval, three in Baker, one in Clay and another in Bradford.

On Monday night, the state originally reported four new COVID-19 deaths, but later said there were three deaths. The third death reported Monday evening was an 83-year-old man Palm Beach County whose travel history is not known.

Health department data show that an overwhelming majority of people — 11,637 of 13,965, or 83 percent — have tested negative for coronavirus. Results for 1,101 tests are still pending.

County by county

  • The 50 patients in Duval County include 23 men and 22 women whose ages range from 11 to 91. Three of those patients have died. Five cases are considered travel-related. So far, 482 people have tested negative and results for 47 tests are pending.
  • In Alachua County, the 36 known cases are comprised of 21 women and 15 men, ages 2 to 75. The state classifies 11 cases as travel-related, and at least 11 are University of Florida staff or students. Data show 549 people have tested negative and 45 test results are outstanding.
  • Fourteen of St. Johns County’s cases are men and four cases are women with ages ranging from 22 to 76. At least five cases are linked to travel. While results are pending for 28 tests, 226 people have tested negative for the virus.
  • Two of Clay County’s eight cases, which include four men and four women ages 53 to 82, are classified as travel-related. Two patients have died. Eighty people have tested negative and 11 tests await results.
  • None of Baker County’s three cases — two men and a woman whose ages range from 66 to 87 — has been linked to travel history. Two test results are pending and 13 people have tested negative.
  • It’s not yet known if any of Flagler County’s three cases, which are made up of two women and a man ages 45 to 72, are travel-related. Fifty-three people have tested negative and two test results are pending.
  • In Columbia County, two women ages 46 and 70 have tested positive for COVID-19. Neither case is believed to be related to travel. The state is awaiting 18 test results, but so far 25 people have tested negative.
  • Putnam County’s two cases are a man and woman whose ages range from 67 to 82. One is considered travel-related. While 40 test results are pending, there have been 55 negative results.
  • The lone case in Nassau County is a 68-year-old man whose infection is believed to be related to travel. The county has seen 23 people there test negative for COVID-19.
  • Bradford County’s only patient is a 69-year-old man whose case is not considered travel-related. Sixteen people there have tested negative for the virus and two test results are pending.

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