Grocery prices spike: Consumer Price Index finds biggest increase in 50 years

Other prices fell as most Americans sheltered at home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If your grocery bill seems a little higher these days, that’s not your imagination. Grocery prices saw the highest spike in nearly 50 years last month, according to the U.S. consumer price index.

Many staples were among the food products with the most significant price increases.

In April, shopper paid 16.1% more than usual for eggs. Meat-eaters had an additional tug at their wallet with a 4.3% increase as compared to March.

Cereal and baked good were no exemption. Those products were 4.3% more expensive this month. The price of dairy products, fruits and vegetables inched up 1.5%

While groceries were more costly, prices fell for a host of other goods and services, according to the index.

Chief among those dropping in value was gasoline, which fell by 20%. Clothing, car insurance, airline fares and lodging also took a dive.

These changes come in response to how Americans are now living in response to the pandemic, according to NPR.

Experts say it’s not a big surprise. Due to stay-at-home orders, many restaurants closed and so consumers were relying on grocery stores more than ever. Therein lies the truth experts said: When there’s more demand, expect to pay more.

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