Shoppers see higher prices at grocery stores during Memorial Day weekend

Your Memorial Day meals will be a bit more expensive this year as grocery store prices keep going up.

Chicken, hot dogs, and even some of the sides are more expensive.

Where supply was once the problem inside grocery stores across the country, now customers are paying more for what they buy.

It’s because of troubles at supply chains and more people eating at home.

Meat, especially, has seen an increase with factories slowing or even shutting down because of employees getting sick.

This all happening ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, where lots of people will be throwing meats on the grill.

Inside a Publix in Arlington, we saw buy one get one deal on hot dogs priced at $4.99. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said consumers paid 5.7% more for hot dogs recently.

CNN reports the average price of fresh beef rose 11.9%. They said processed meat was at 11.6% and fresh chicken had an increase of 7.5%.

Even prices on sodas in the checkout line went up, charging $1.99. That is a 4.5% upcharge according to the BLS.

Some people recommend finding non-traditional items to eat this memorial day, and maybe keeping it that way for the time being.

“We still have to eat and survive at the end of the day. I feel like if the food prices weren’t so high people would still be able to afford food and this pandemic wouldn’t be so crazy as the way it is,” said customer Lorenzo Brown.

With a shortage of food supply, the demand grows higher which means the prices go up.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported the overall prices of groceries grew 2.6% since April.

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