Duval students could be removed from school for repeated mask violations

Poster shows four tiers of consequence for each occurrence of a student breaching district's mask policy

Poster shows four tiers of consequence for each occurrence of a student breaching district's mask policy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In a new poster from Duval County Public Schools, the district outlines tangible consequences for students who fail to follow the district’s mask policy, including removal from brick-and-mortar learning.

In addition to the mask requirement policy and some supporting information, the poster outlines the actions that will be taken for breaching the rules associated with the first four violations.

“Students who do not follow the guidelines may be charged with a Code of Student Conduct infraction and be subject to the appropriate consequences,” the poster said.

The district confirmed the details of the mask policy on Monday.

A poster layout attributed to Duval County Public Schools shows both the proper procedure for wearing a facial covering and the consequences for failing to do so. (Duval County Public Schools)

The first time a student doesn’t wear a face mask, the district’s guidelines dictate that one be provided to that student and that the student fill out a face mask safety contract with a parent’s signature.

A second violation of the face mask rule will result in that student being sent to the discipline office and cited with a violation of nonconformity to the district’s general code of appearance.

The student’s parent will be contacted and the district will conduct “restorative practice on face mask safety,” although that practice is not defined on the poster.

A third violation of the mask policy will prompt a parent conference and a citation of “failure to adhere to safety consideration” violation of the student conduct policy.

Should the same student violate the mask policy a fourth time, the student will be cited with a second “failure to adhere to safety consideration” violation and referred to Duval Homeroom.

“Wearing face-coverings help prevent the spread of the virus, help protect others in the classroom and their loved ones, and is one of the most important things we can do to help get back to normal,” the district’s website said.

The district is requiring students to wear a face-covering on school buses, in common areas, and in classrooms, with exceptions for students with certain disabilities or medical conditions. Any students who has such a condition is allowed to use a clear plastic shield or “another reasonable accommodation.”

Face shields will be provided to those with medical conditions and to students in second-grade and younger.

Students will not have to wear the face-covering during P.E., recess, band, music and other classes where it would inhibit learning and students can social distance.

The poster was published Saturday to the Instagram account associated with the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Counseling Department. The district said the face-covering directive was sent to schools last week.

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