JSO employee accused of tipping off wanted suspects

Police say Alisa Tarver, 40, was authorized to access database

Police say Alisa Tarver, 40, was authorized to access database

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A civilian employee with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was arrested Tuesday and accused of releasing confidential information in the agency’s computer database about wanted violent offenders.

According to Undersheriff Pat Ivey, Arlisa Tarver, the executive secretary of a JSO chief of patrol, was tipping people off to warrants being processed for someone’s arrest.

“If you put that in perspective, she is notifying individuals out there on the street that are wanted for murder,” Ivey said. “So if an officer comes in contact with them, let’s say for running a stop signs, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to put that -- that’s putting that officer in danger. As the officer is approaching the car that individual’s gonna think, OK, they’re coming in contact with me because I’m wanted for murder.”

When asked how many times Tarver, 40, may have done this, Ivey’s one word answer was “many,” since last year. According to Ivey, she was authorized to access the database.

“If she’s tipping off criminals and officers are going to execute an arrest warrant, they could be walking into an ambush," said News4Jax crime and safety analyst Ken Jefferson.

The charges Tarver is facing include disclosure of confidential criminal justice information, which is a third degree felony, and offenses against users of computers and computer systems.

Ivey said Tarver had been with JSO for seven years. A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office told News4Jax she resigned.

Tarver is being held on the Duval County jail on a $50,000 bond.

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