Group hoping to shift narrative for Black lives says now is the time to show up

Protestors Hold Rally to Encourage Voting
Protestors Hold Rally to Encourage Voting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Protesters chanted and held signs Saturday evening at the intersection of Post and Park streets in Riverside.

Organizers told News4Jax they MUST keep the momentum going heading into the election as they push to get people out to vote.

The group behind the effort is called The Shift, and they were out for over an hour Saturday chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” and drawing honks from passing cars.

The group started earlier this year and their focus is to impact the world and shift the narrative. Specifically, they say, when it comes to Black lives.

The president of the group acknowledged that protests and demonstrations have slowed down a bit since the start of summer.

But Bria Cone said now, more than ever, is the time to show up.

“I think the protests have kind of died down because a lot of people feel like it’s not really making a change,” Cone said. “But I feel like it is. Even if the politicians aren’t paying us attention, the people who ride past are, and I feel like we give them hope because it’s like if they’re still out there fighting, you know what, I can get up there and fight too because we can’t give up, and change has to come.”

They also have voter registration sign up sheets available for people who stop by.

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