State increasing visibility of school zones in Northeast Florida


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The state Department of Transportation launched a program this week to improve 141 school zones in Northeast Florida.

The $1.5 million program includes new, high-visibility signage within one mile of all schools on nearby roads.

“Most locations are going to see an installed flashing beacon that will warn motorists that a school zone is ahead and to use caution,” Florida DOT communications specialist Troy Roberts said.

This project is part of a statewide effort to improve school zone safety with new markings that are easy to see.

What is the hope that these new improvements do for school zones in our area?

“We’re hopeful these school zone improvements will enhance safety and promote a safer environment near schools,” Roberts said. “Let motorists know, ‘Hey, there’s a school zone up here.’ You need to limit your speed and definitely be cautious because you know when you’re in school zones. There’s a lot more traffic. There’s children. There are unexpected things that can happen. We’re hoping this is one of those things that can help motorists be more prepared for any situation.”

FDOT said traffic impacts should be minimal during the upgrades.

All the upgrades should be complete by the summer of 2021, but weather and unforeseen circumstances could cause delays.

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