Study claims in-duct air purifier effective against COVID-19

Several local companies are seeing a greater interest in these systems amid the pandemic

As more people move indoors for the cold winter months -- many are thinking about the quality of their air. News4Jax reporter Jennifer Ready joins us live.

A third-party study claims an in-duct air purifier is effective against COVID-19. RGF Environmental Group said the study shows the REME Halo is 99.9% effective.

“They put the UVC technology into a confined space which was about 1,000 cubic feet, which is roughly a 10x10 room in average space, put the virus in that space and within a few minutes, allowing the air changes per hour to go through the UVC bulb, it inactivated the virus by 99.9%,” explained Alex Kavanaugh, with McGowan’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

The REME Halo is an air purification system designed to clean the air and kill bacteria and viruses.

“The Reme Halo is an air purification device that uses UV technology,” said Kavanaugh. “It also emits hydrogen peroxide within the air and helps weigh down the airborne particulates inside the air, making your filter more effective on top of canceling out and inactivating bacterial growth, biological growth and viruses.”

McGowan’s Heating and Air Conditioning is one of several companies that told News4Jax it is seeing a greater interest in these systems to improve indoor air quality amid the pandemic.

“Indoor air quality has become a huge thing that homeowners are concerned with,” said Shannon Booker, with A/C Designs Heating and Air Conditioning. “They are now realizing that there are accessories to add to the system, that a heavier filter is really not the answer. It restricts the system, it causes it to overwork and it’s not helping as much with the allergies as much as something like a REME Halo does and so homeowners are realizing that the investment is worth it in their health.”

John Ream, president of Connect Agency, installed the system in his office building in the spring to enhance the safety in his building.

“This is just one of the extra things that we wanted to do and create that reassurance that the air that we’re breathing is 100-percent clean and sanitized,” explained Ream.

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