Some residents of Jacksonville townhomes concerned over 5G tower

Tower being constructed outside Parks at the Cathedral in Downtown Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Neighbors tell News4Jax they’re upset about a 5G cellphone tower that’s being installed outside the Parks at the Cathedral townhomes in Downtown Jacksonville.

Some said they feel the tower could be a hazard to their health and that it could make their property value suffer.

“We walked out one day and there it was,” said Yanella Parra, a resident. “There was no notice to anyone.”

Parra said it was about two months ago when she walked outside and saw the tower being constructed. She and others noted that the pole is right in front of their bedroom windows, blocking their view.

“I think they could find a better place to put it,” Parra said. “Far away from people’s bedroom windows.”

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The towers hold the network equipment for 5G internet access and emit radio frequency waves. Parra said that’s causing concern for she and her neighbors.

The American Cancer Society says it does not have an official position on whether or not radiofrequency radiation from cell phones, cell phone towers, or other sources is a cause of cancer.

Experts say more research on radiofrequency waves from cellphone towers is needed, but there isn’t any strong evidence cellphone towers cause noticeable health effects.

Neighbors said they’ve reached out to the city, asking to have the tower moved somewhere else. They said they hadn’t yet received a response.

“We are a group that wants to help maintain our property values and maintain our health,” said Sachim Patel, the board president of the homeowners association.

A request for comment from the city was not immediately returned Wednesday to News4Jax.

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