Man who drove van into GOP voter registration tent guilty of criminal mischief

Gregory Timm called the incident a prank

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A jury on Thursday found Gregory Timm, the man who drove his van into a GOP voter registration tent last February, guilty of criminal mischief.

Timm was found not guilty on two charges of aggravated assault. He was given a sentence of 60-days in the Duval County jail with credit for 60-days time served.

The jury deliberated for less than an hour.

Timm, 28, recorded video on his cellphone as he drove into a voter registration tent set up in the parking lot at the intersection of Atlantic and Kernan Boulevards. That video became a central part of the defense’s argument.

“I think it got lost, the message. I think the global media became washed with the accusation I tried to hurt people. My entire message got lost,” Timm testified.

It was a long and interesting day on Thursday that included testimony from seven people, including Timm.

Timm testified for a little less than 50 minutes and called the incident a prank.

He said he was out of cigarettes so he drove to Walmart to buy more. Timm then said he saw the tent and went inside the store where he told the cashier, who he saw regularly, that he planned to tip over the table.

“I was waiting for everyone to clear, because it was never my intention to harm or hurt anybody,” Timm said. “Still is the dumbest thing I have ever done.”

The incident happened days after then-President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate of impeachment the first time.

Timm said it appeared people were celebrating.

He also testified he was sober and was not impaired in any way.

He said he recorded the video to send to his family members in a group text. According to other witnesses, Timm appeared friendly in nature from afar, until he drove into the tent and table, coming into close contact with people as he flipped them off.

One witness, who testified Wednesday, was called back by the state to testify again Thursday.

“I noticed the van was not turning, and he was headed toward it and that’s when I started to scream,” said Geraldine Woodham.

The jury of seven also heard from another couple who was in the area grabbing lunch. They say they saw the tent and stopped. Susan Clayton was about to get out of the passenger door when she said Timm crashed into the tent feet away from her. She said it was a close call.

“He was pushing it. You can hear him running over the tent, tables and chairs. There was a little speed, it was not idle,” Clayton said.

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