Corrine Brown’s attorney files formal motion asking for money to be returned

Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown arrives at Federal Court on Oct. 4, 2021 (WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The attorney for former U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown has filed a motion that formally requests the government return money to Brown -- a request that was mentioned during last week’s hearing.

The government has seized $42,272.57 from Brown, and she has also paid $1,800 in special assessments following her conviction.

Brown wants the money back to help pay for her defense.

Prosecutors said at the hearing that the $42,000 has already been disbursed to the victims of the fraud.

Brown’s legal team argues that there’s no legal basis for the money to not be returned to Brown since her conviction has been thrown out. They say that since her conviction was thrown out, the forfeiture order, which is how they say this money was taken, is thrown out too.

The government has until Oct. 29 to respond to this motion, and then the judge will rule on it.