Hundreds of holiday meals delivered to homebound seniors, others in need

Local groups team up for meal delivery in celebration of Christmas holiday & Jewish tradition of mitzvah

Several local groups teamed up Friday for their annual holiday meal delivery.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Several local groups teamed up Friday for their annual holiday meal delivery.

Hundreds of meals were delivered for local homebound seniors and others in need.

The meals, which are part of Aging True’s Meals on Wheels program, are crucial to homebound seniors. This year comes with an expansion — the tradition will carry over to Clay County.

A lot went into the prep work, and it’s a joint celebration of the Christmas holiday and the Jewish tradition of mitzvah.

Wiatt Bowers, the event organizer, says this is a great time of year to give back.

“I personally love it, so that’s why I do it,” Bowers told News4JAX. “The Jewish community wants to do it so that the regular staff have a chance to take a day off and be with their friends and family over Christmas. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us. Most of us aren’t doing a lot on Christmas Day, so it’s great.”

Bowers says knowing the difference this has made to countless families is everything — not to mention, the holiday cheer it brings to all.

“I know that some of our volunteers have been really amazed. They’ve met with, they’ve delivered a meal — I can think of one lady who was the oldest living person in Jacksonville, and they delivered a meal to her,” Bowers said.

All told, 400 deliveries were made.

Along with the meals, the volunteers also dropped off greeting cards as an extra way to make the holidays a little brighter.

Anyone interested in helping with the Meals on Wheels delivery on a regular basis should get in touch with Aging True.

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