Kamiyah Mobley writes letter in support of sentence reduction request for woman who kidnapped, raised her

Gloria Williams once again asking for reduced sentence

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Gloria Williams, who admitted to taking newborn Kamiyah Mobley from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998, is once again asking for a reduced sentence in her kidnapping case.

And this time, Mobley is lobbying the judge on behalf of Williams, who raised her under a false identity.

Williams and Mobley both sent the judge letters in December.

Williams said she’s been a model prisoner and would “ask this court for mercy” by modifying her sentence from 18 years to 9 years, with 9 years’ probation.

Mobley wrote, “I ask for the court’s grace and mercy, as I need my mother here.”

Both women acknowledged in their letters there was no justification for the kidnapping.

The judge has not ruled on the latest request.