Brakes tapped on City Council bill seeking to clarify behaviors deemed disruptive during meetings

Jacksonville City Council

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A bill introduced last month by the Jacksonville City Council president seeks to clarify types of behavior deemed disruptive during meetings.

As first reported Tuesday by Florida Politics, momentum for the bill has paused after questions about whether there is pending litigation regarding a previous council president and public comment. The issues weren’t immediately resolved.

The bill was introduced March 8. It states that several incidents in recent years have pointed to the need for greater specificity in the definition of disruptive behavior.

The legislation outlines types of behaviors deemed to be disruptive, including: any form of political campaigning or electioneering regarding a specific candidate or group of candidates in city elections.

It also notes noises that might impede the progress of the meeting by “shouting, yelling, whistling, chanting, singing, dancing, clapping, foot stomping, cheering, jeering, using artificial noise makers or musical instruments...”

The types of behavior deemed disruptive, per the legislation, also note the consumption of alcohol or controlled substances, displaying or waving signs and making vulgar or offensive remarks or gestures “including but not limited to pantomiming discharging a firearm, choking, or throat-cutting.”