K-9 sniffs out 157 pounds of marijuana during Georgia traffic stop, officials say

Marijuana found in 3 large crates onboard flatbed trailer, authorities said

Dennis Ogilvie (L) and Brian Jones (R) were arrested for a drug bust on May 31. (Camden County Sheriffs Office)

CAMDEN COUNTY, Fla. – What began as a simple traffic stop over a minor infraction on May 31 turned into a drug bust that led to the arrest of two men.

According to the arrest report, Brian Jones, 44, of Waynesville, Georgia, and Dennis Ogilvie, 49, of St. Marys, Georgia were pulled over on Dover Bluff Road near I-95.

The two men were traveling in a Jeep Patriot that was hauling a flatbed trailer.

According to the arrest report, while the deputy was giving a written warning to Jones for not stopping at a stop sign, he asked Jones where they were traveling from. Jones told the deputy he and Ogilvie were coming from Atlanta after working a painting job on a house. The arrest report stated both men seemed nervous and the items visibly seen by the deputy on the flatbed were not tools used for painting. The deputy said he saw a syringe on the trailer and could smell marijuana.

The report states the deputy deployed his drug-sniffing K-9, and the dog picked up a scent coming from three large crates on the trailer.

The deputy opened the crates and said he found them half-filled with 143 packages of marijuana that weighed a total of 157 pounds.

Jones was arrested and charged with trafficking large amounts of marijuana, which is a felony in Georgia punishable by a minimum of five years in prison if convicted. Jones remains in jail without bond.

Ogilvie was charged with three counts of drug possession including bringing drugs into a jail. He was also charged with obstruction and illegally concealing a weapon. Ogilvie has bonded out of jail.

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