Gov. DeSantis, Charlie Crist make campaign stops in Northeast Florida ahead of election

Charlie Crist, the democratic gubernatorial candidate, and Governor Ron DeSantis campaigned in different areas of Northeast Florida on Friday.

Crist visited Operation Save our Sons on the Northside of Jacksonville and Gov. DeSantis rallied voters in Clay County at the Bestbet poker club.

Operation Save our Sons is an organization designed to equip Black males with the life skills needed to be successful.

Crist says he’s counting on Democrats outnumbering Republicans at the polls on election day — while criticizing Governor DeSantis’ style of leadership.

“Governor DeSantis has torn our Florida apart, Crist said.” “It’s like he wakes up every morning and says what group of people can beat up today, LGBTQ, people of color, women, the list goes on and on and I think Florida has had enough of that.”

Crist, who’s labeled his final campaign push the “Choose Freedom” bus tour, said a woman’s right to choose, a ban on assault rifles, and making voting easier are his priorities.

Governor DeSantis, who dubbed his final campaign push the “Don’t Tread on Florida Tour,” made a pit stop at the Bestbet poker club Friday in Clay County.

“2022 is our chance to cement Florida as the freest state in the nation and you can only do that by elected me, you also know that you ensure that you have strong leadership, someone who has taken on big issues,” DeSantis said.

Some polls show DeSantis has a double-digit lead over Crist, but he’s telling his supporters not to take anything for granted.

“You guys who said you haven’t voted yet, I know you will go and vote, and those who have voted, you need to get one more person to get out and vote for you,” DeSantis said. “That’s your task, make a phone call or two, your friends, family, people you work with, you name it.”

After leaving Clay County, Gov. DeSantis is headed to Central Florida. Later this weekend, he’ll join Marco Rubio in Miami.

Crist is also expected to campaign heavily in Central Florida along the I-4 corridor.

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