‘The buzz is back’: Fans filled with thrill gear up for last home game that decides Jaguars’ fate in playoffs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The excitement from Jacksonville Jaguars fans is steadily growing as the potential to be in the playoffs looms.

In just two weeks, the team will go head-to-head with the Tennessee Titans in a season finale home game — a game that they need to seal the deal and advance to the playoffs. If the Jags lose to Tennessee they still have a very unlikely chance at a wildcard spot, but multiple teams would have to lose for that to happen.

News4JAX spoke with two fans whose excitement for the Jags was oozing because the last time they felt this good about the team was in 2017, which was the last time the Jags were in the playoffs.

“I’m super excited as a fan,” David Mendenhall said.

Mendenhall said this season was a roller coaster of emotions until week nine when the Jags ended a five-game losing streak, winning against the Las Vegas Raiders.

“I always knew something was going to happen. Just had to wait for everything to fall in place and it did,” Mendenhall said.

With the possibility of going to the playoffs, self-proclaimed super fan Jon Fitcher is over the moon.

“I have every mannequin from every color combination that the Jags ever had,” Fitcher said. “This is huge for the city. It does a lot. You can go to social media, even to restaurants, people are wearing their Jags stuff again. The buzz is back again.”

As fans’ excitement increases across the city, one business is reaping big sales, as well.

The general manager of Sports Mania in Jacksonville Beach said that sales for Jaguars gear have increased 70% and that the sports store has sold out of teal Trevor Lawrence jerseys but plans to make fun shirts for fans attending games.

A Jaguars spokesperson said the possibility of going to the playoffs has also increased interest in fans coming to the home game:

“Since our home victory over the Cowboys and primetime win over the Jets just four days later, the fan base is incredibly energized about the postseason possibilities that will be on the line for our upcoming game against the Titans. We’ve seen a lot of interest in tickets and expect a large crowd similar to our home game against Dallas. Fans interested in attending can visit www.jaguars.com/tickets or call 904-633-2000. As with all popular games, we encourage fans to make smart, savvy choices by seeking out tickets for in-demand games via verified outlets including the Jaguars ticket sales office, Ticketmaster and NFL Ticket Exchange.”

Mendenhall also said he won’t forget to record his routine call-to-action video where he waves a “Duval Together” flag in front of TIAA Bank Field to encourage all fans -- young or old -- to come out with their Jags spirit and show support.

This is a practice that he’s done before every winning Jaguars game this season and believes this will help get them to the playoffs.

About the Author:

Khalil Maycock joined the News4JAX team in November 2022 after reporting in Des Moines, IA.