Westside Jacksonville gang dismantled in joint agency operation, sheriff says

Sheriff: 19 members of Insane Gangster Disciples arrested during 6-month ‘Operation Crown Down’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A gang based on Jacksonville’s Westside that took its name and symbols from the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples was dismantled in a lengthy multi-agency undercover operation, Sheriff T.K. Waters announced Tuesday.

Waters said the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office worked closely with the State Attorney’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives during “Operation Crown Down,” eventually arresting 19 documented members of the “Insane Gangster Disciples” gang over the course of the six-month operation.

Waters said the gang, which is now “functionally extinct,” operated in the area of California Avenue, 103rd Street and Noroad on the city’s Westside.

“This operation stands as another major multi-agency law enforcement success,” Waters said.

Drugs seized during Operation Crown Down (Provided by Jacksonville Sheriff's Office)

Waters said the operation began in May 2022 after Chase Robison was charged with murder and investigators learned he was a member of IGD.

“Immediately investigators with both the crime gun intelligence unit and the gang unit coordinated efforts to gain intelligence on this organization and its members,” Waters said.

After learning that the members trafficked in drugs and engaged in acts of violence, investigators began working arrest as many members of the gang as possible, Waters said.

“I’m gratified to report that this operation achieved that objective,” Waters said.

The 19 members arrested have cases pending against them in both state and federal court for charges including murder, manslaughter stemming from a fentanyl overdose, carjacking, drug trafficking, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

Drugs seized during Operation Crown Down (Provided by Jacksonville Sheriff's Office)

Law enforcement also seized 18 firearms, including handguns and rifles and firearms components, such as silencers and lasers. One of the guns was linked to a murder and another was linked to a separate shooting. They also seized at least 55 grams of various drugs.

“As the sheriff mentioned, one of the defendants on the board is being prosecuted for his drug dealing that directly led to the overdose death of a man in December of last year,” State Attorney Melissa Nelson said. “Though he did not pull a trigger, his actions were just as deadly.”

Waters said investigators will continue to focus on the area where the gang was operating to ensure there are no lingering effects from the gang.

“Listen, when you talk about selling fentanyl and methamphetamine and all those drugs and the guns involved. I think they are a terror. They are a serious problem. Well, not anymore. And we’re going to keep officers in the area if there’s anything lingering, part of this group we’re going after them also,” Waters said.

Patricia Ross has lived with her family on California Avenue for more than 20 years. She said she was relieved to hear the news of the arrests but she wasn’t surprised. She said crime has gotten worse in the area in recent years and lately they’ve had a lot of theft.

“There’s been a lot of people that have been in a lot of trouble in the neighborhoods,” Ross said. “We’ve had quite a few things stolen. And I know on the next street there’s been a couple of people going around doing a lot of robbing, so that’s fantastic.”

This is the second announcement this month of a gang being targeted in a long-term operation. In “Operation Bright Lights,” JSO seized 1.17 kilograms of fentanyl, 570 grams of meth, 467 grams of cocaine and 203 pounds of marijuana, along with $80,000 in cash and two vehicles.

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