Driver plows through building, destroys sewing business for kids

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The owner of SewFunJAX is devastated but optimistic after a driver crashed through her Westside business.

Denisha Adams-Sylvester’s said the damage left behind makes the building a total loss.

Adams-Sylvester is a local designer and small business owner who has thoroughly enjoyed teaching kids to sew for three years.

She said a neighbor texted her and told her that someone drove through SewFunJAX, which is her sewing studio on Blanding Boulevard.

“I promise you like it’s the worst feeling. It was like somebody died,” Adams-Sylvester said. “When I saw it, I literally almost passed out. All I could do is cry like even now just thinking about what I had to go through, you know, it is the disregard of life or that somebody could do this.”

Adams-Sylvester told News4JAX that police said they received calls about speeding in her area. Tire marks in the grass, pieces of the car’s bumper and a downed fence remain as reminders of what took place.

The crash’s impact shifted the entire foundation of the building. No one was inside the building at the time of the crash.

Although she feels the driver’s actions were careless, she won’t remain in this moment forever. Instead, with the support of her team, she plans to rebuild.

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