Share your local photos & videos with our community 📸

Introducing SnapJAX, an innovative photo and video sharing functionality integrated within the News4JAX app. This feature enables not only seamless interaction with your local community but also direct engagement with the News4JAX staff of producers and reporters.

This tutorial aims to guide you through the process of capturing and sharing captivating moments while enabling you to contribute your own news and weather updates to our team. Before diving into the SnapJAX tutorial, please ensure that you have met the following two prerequisites:

If you have successfully met these requirements, let’s start the tutorial:

Step 1: Accessing SnapJAX

Start by launching the News4JAX app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Navigating to SnapJAX

Within the app, locate and tap the menu icon situated at the upper left corner—this icon is colloquially referred to as the “hamburger menu.” That will open a list of categories: scroll down the menu to locate the SnapJAX category and tap on it to access the feature.

Step 3: Navigating within SnapJAX

Upon accessing SnapJAX, a map displaying the locations where users have posted content will appear. Additionally, by scrolling down, you will encounter a feed comprising various pictures and videos posted by other SnapJAX users. Immediately below the map, a list of channels and categories will be presented. Opting for a particular channel will filter the displayed images and videos exclusively to that chosen category.

Step 4: Sharing Pictures and Videos

Please note: If you have not yet become a News4JAX Insider, it is imperative to complete this step before gaining the ability to log in and upload content via SnapJAX. It’s free and opens you up to many other perks.

To share a photo or video, simply tap the “Upload a pin” button. Right after that, tap the blue “Choose a file” button, which will open a menu of options. From this menu, select the library, then select an image or video from your library that you wish to share, or capture a new one.

Proceed by selecting a channel for your photo or video; for instance, you may choose “Weather.” Next, designate an appropriate category and provide a descriptive caption. Should you prefer not to disclose your location, you may click “Hide Your Location” to ensure that the photo’s geolocation is not pinpointed on the map.

Lastly, click the upload button, await a brief moment, and observe as your photo or video appears within the feed.

If your content possesses newsworthy attributes, it may potentially be featured during a newscast or within a weather forecast.

Step 5: Engage with your Community

SnapJAX also provides an exceptional feature that fosters connectivity with your local community. Within the News4JAX app, you can now express appreciation by liking and commenting on all the shared photos and videos.

Next time you capture a noteworthy moment that you wish to share with the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia regions, consider pinning it on SnapJAX.

Snap, share, and your content might even make it on-air!