Duval construction board orders man to pay $155,000 in restitution to clients after not finishing their pools

Staycation Pools & Spas license holder Jordan Hidalgo can’t open any new permits in the county

Signed contracts show Jimmy Olaciregui has paid $103,000 to Staycation Pools & Spas but it remains unfinished. (Copyright 2023 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An update to an I-TEAM investigation involving a Tampa-based pool company accused of not finishing contracted work in the Jacksonville area.

The license holder of the company, Jordan Hidalgo, was due before the Construction Trades Qualifying Board in Duval County on Tuesday after he was accused of abandoning pool jobs — but he didn’t show.

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He was ordered to pay more than $155,000 in restitution to his clients. Hidalgo was also found guilty of abandoning his projects without proper notice and causing financial harm to customers.

No one representing Staycation Pools & Spas was present for the hearing.

Cassey Toussaint, a Staycation Customer who testified before the board, said the hearing was validating but she doesn’t expect to see any money from Hidalgo.

“I wish he showed up. I wish he kind of took our concerns seriously and owned up to his responsibility as the license holder, but I’m not surprised,” Toussaint said. “If I could say anything to him: Shame on you. You need to do better, and you need to do what’s right. You signed up to own these pool companies and provide a service to people and he hasn’t followed through on any of that.”

Hidalgo was ordered to appear for the hearing in Jacksonville on three administrative complaints against him. A restitution ruling for the first complaint was rescheduled because the board needed more information.

The board ruled Hidalgo pay $61,230 in restitution to the second homeowner who testified and $94,900 to Toussaint.

Duval County Building Inspector Ray Hawkins said Hidalgo is on administrative lock and can’t open any new permits in the county. The Construction Trades Qualifying Board meets again on Sept. 6 and will hear another complaint against Hidalgo.

Hidalgo operates several other pool and construction companies, all based in the Tampa area:

  • A to Z Gulfcoast Services LLC
  • Pinellas Construction Services LLC
  • 30 Day Pools
  • Pools by Jordan LLC
  • Modern Pools
  • West Bay Pools

The Attorney General is also investigating complaints against Hidalgo.

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