Deputies: Robber killed at Putnam store

Man aids store clerk, suspect dies of stab wound, deputies say

By Ashley Harding - Reporter , Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter

FRUITLAND, Fla. - The Putnam County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a man who they said tried to rob a Kangaroo convenience store in Fruitland early Friday morning.

Sgt. Hancel Woods said Jeffrey Lohman (pictured right), 42, was armed with a box cutter when he entered the store at 1140 County Road 309, off Huntington Road, and demanded money.

Deputies said 32-year-old Anthony Shebester (pictured below), a bystander, came to the aid of the store clerk. Deputies said during the ensuing struggle, Shebester pulled a pocketknife and stabbed Lohman, who died at the scene.

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Deputies said Shebester has not been charged. They said the investigation is continuing.

Shebester's father said he and his parents are all carriers for the Palatka newspaper and were in the parking lot when the stabbing happened.

"The guy was throwing him around the store like a rag doll. My son weighs about 195 pounds," said Steven Shebester. "My son jumped up on the counter and he told him, 'You ain't going to do this and get away with it.' The guy started coming at him with a razor knife."

"My son pulled out his pocket knife and the guy swiped at his face," Steven Shebester said. "He just missed cutting him across the face. My son stuck him in the chest."

Lohman's sister, Jennifer Townson, is devastated by what happened.

"It's just crazy," Townson said. "I don't know if I'm going to be able to walk into that store again, ever, knowing that he laid there and died there."

Townson said her brother was a drug addict, and she believes that may have played a role in what happened.

"This is a prime example of what drugs does to people," Townson said. "He wasn't in his right mind, he was on the drugs. You know, my mission now is to get these drugs off the street."

Steven Shebester said his son is still very shaken by what's happened. But he believes his son's actions truly saved the day.

"The store clerk probably would have been dead," Steven Shebester said. ""You know, the store clerk was just so appreciative of it. He said, 'You saved my life,' and shook my son's hand."

Deputies said Lohman had an unrelated outstanding warrant for failing to show up to court for a fraud-related charge.

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