Hundreds still stranded by flight delays

Travelers deal with dozens of delays at JIA

By Elizabeth Campbell - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Travelers are dealing with dozens of delays and missed flights at Jacksonville International Airport and throughout the nation.

While most people at the airport are frustrated, one woman says she's happy because she's waiting to see her foster child who she hasn't seen in 30 years.

"The special person I'm waiting for is a foster child I had 30 years ago and she was adopted, and I haven't seen her since and I just can't wait to see her," Joyce Strom said.

Strom is one of thousands stuck at an airport Sunday night due to nationwide flight cancellations and delays. She's waiting to see a woman she hasn't seen in three decades, but her wait went from minutes to hours due to flight delays.

Jacksonville International Airport saw delays and cancellations all day Sunday and expect them to continue throughout the week.

Many airports even shut down over the weekend including locations in Boston and New York City due to a severe winter storm that swept across the country.

While most people affected by flight delays and cancellations are frustrated, Strom (pictured, right) is the opposite.

"I guess I'm so happy about seeing her I just threw my frustrations out the window," said Strom. "I would wait here all night if I had to."

Strom said her foster daughter's flight was delayed twice from Nashville, and Strom hopes she gets to Jacksonville sooner than later.

"I'm going to cry and hug her, and hug her and she's excited and I'm excited," said Strom.

Businesses around the airport are benefiting from stranded passengers. Channel 4 talked to a hotel and a restaurant right up the road and they both said they are getting tons of extra business due to people being stranded at the airport.

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