2 victims' families hold candlelight vigil

Families of Jillian Berrios, Amber Bass, looking for justice in unsolved murders

By Ashley Harding - Reporter , Elizabeth Campbell - Reporter

ORANGE PARK, Fla. - Families and friends of two young women whose lives were lost by gun violence last yearcame together Sunday evening with renewed hope of finding their killers.

A double candlelight vigil took place for two different murder victims, Amber Bass and Jillian Berrios. Both cases remain unsolved.

Exactly 3 months ago Sunday, 27-year old Berrios was shot and killed outside of an Orange Park apartment complex. And 6 months ago Sunday, 22-year-old Bass was shot and killed in her own driveway on the Westside.

Dozens of their loved ones gathered outside of an Orange Park shopping center Sunday night to bring attention to each woman's case.

Both cases have stayed unsolved for several months and police have said they need help in these cases.

On July 19, Bass was coming home from a night out with friends when she was shot and killed by an unknown person in her driveway.

She was found by her sister and died a short time later.

Authorities have not said if Bass was targeted, but her purse is still missing from that night.  

Three months ago, tragedy struck again, this time in Orange Park. 27-year-old  Berrios was shot and killed as she sat in a parked car outside of the Park Place Apartment complex on Loring Avenue.

In her case, police were looking for what they believed to be a Chevy Aveo with a hatchback.  Families and friends of both women believe their cases can still be solved.

"Bringing the community together. This is not only happening to us, this is happening to many around," Berrios' friend Zulma said at the vigil. "They're losing loved ones to nonsense and we need to step up and what we need to do is bring closeness and to bring love."

Police say there unfortunately haven't been any new developments in either case and the two families said that's really the big frustration is the fact that these cases are open, but no one seems to be talking.

That's what the families hoped to accomplish Sunday -- keep the names out there to inspire someone to speak up.

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