Home Depot hiring hundreds of seasonal workers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - To get ready for the spring season, the 11 northeast Florida Home Depot stores are adding hundreds of temporary employees.

Nationally, the big-box retailer hopes to fill 80,000 positions to help with its busiest season. Locally, the chain is expecting to add 585 people to work from now through the end of March.

Most of the positions will be for the store's garden center.

Prospective employees have to be 18, though a high school degree is not required.

"Anyone that has related experience as far as retail and home improvement (is) welcome," said assistant manager Daniel Nicholson Jr. "Of course, anyone that is transitioning out of military can apply."

While the positions being filled or temporary, Nicholson says it's common for temporary position turns into a permanent one.

"It's not where we use you for the season and lay you off it's not, that it's a doorway a step to get into the door at Home Depot," Nicholson said.

The pay ranges by position and between stores, but Home Depot does offer medical and dental benefits to part-time employees.

For those returning military and veterans who are interested in a position, Home Depot launched a special section on its website to help match your military skills with positions within the company.

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