Shands nurse accused of stealing pills while on duty

Police: Jamie Parker admits to taking vials of Hydromorphone

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police say a nurse at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center was busted stealing drugs from inside the hospital.

Jamie Lee Parker was arrested and charged with drug trafficking, police said.

Investigators said Parker confessed to stealing vials from the emergency room to feed his addiction.

According to the police report, the 37-year-old nurse admitted to being addicted to Hydromorphone, a euphoric drug that's a derivative of morphine, and stealing the drug from inside of Shands while on duty.

The police report said hospital records from August showed that Parker pulled 105 vials from the emergency room without using a patient's name. Last week police said Parker removed 19 more vials without doctor's orders.

When questioned by police, investigators said Parker admitted to taking the drug because of his addiction.

Channel 4's Jason Law spoke with Parker's parents about his arrest. Parker's father told us they were shocked when they found out, and said he will help his son recover.

"Is he doing okay?" Channel 4's Jason Law asked.

"Yes, and he is about to be doing better," Parker's father said.

A spokesman with Shands said the hospital is helping out in the investigation, but at no time were any patients affected.

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