Woman claims $2,000 JEA bill is identity theft

Woman files police report but bill isn't dropped

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A woman claimed her $2,000 bill from Jacksonville was the result of identity theft.

Kirstonshelia King said she received a letter about the bill a few weeks ago.

"I went to JEA and expressed this was not my account. I knew exactly who did it because I had a lot of other accounts in my name," said King. "I had a fraud alert put on my credit card."

King said she was the victim of identity theft and that someone used her identity to establish a bogus JEA account.

She said the exact same thing happened to her once before. Her ex-boyfriend has King's personal information and reopened an account before and ran up a huge bill. 

King said JEA hasn't been very accommodating with her problem.

"'Bottom line is, you have to pay it. You should've done better job of protecting your identity. Well, you should've put a password on your account.' Well, I did put a password on my account," said King.

King filed a police report, but JEA said she needs to provide more documentation before the bill can be dropped. JEA said King still needs to prove that she's been a victim of identity theft.

Until she has that documentation, JEA said there is nothing they can do to change her situation.

"Sometimes, identity theft is done people you know. Sometimes, people will befriend others so they can assume identity. You have to be very selective in decision of people you want to have relationship with," said Channel 4's Crime Expert Ken Jefferson.

King said she will likely hire an attorney and Jefferson said that's usually what has to be done in situations like these.

"I think it's unfair. I've done everything as a consumer that I could. They asked me to get a police report, I got a police report," said King.

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