Jordan Davis' family heads to Times Square

Slain teen's photo displayed on billboard advertising Jet Magazine

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The family of Jordan Davis is making plans to head to New York City's Times Square, where the slain teen's picture is sprawled across a billboard advertising the upcoming issue of Jet Magazine.

Davis' father, Ron Davis, says his life has changed this year.

"This is his school badge from Wolfson High School," he said while clutching to his son's keepsakes.

Davis (pictured below holding photo of Jordan) is eager to see his son's face lit up in New York City.

"According to Jet, they said that they had confirmed with Times Square that he was going to be on the Jumbotron for two weeks. So me and my wife are going to fly up," Davis said.

This new year, Davis said he never imagined he'd be without Jordan.

In November, police said Michael Dunn fired into an SUV full of teenagers at a Gate gas station in Baymeadows in a dispute over loud music. Jordan was struck by the gunfire and killed. Dunn is charged with murder, but claims he acted in self-defense.

"I just want people not to forget my son and not to forget all the son's and daughters who similar tragedies have happened to," Davis said.

As he travels north, he's hoping to raise awareness about gun control, planning to take his crusade across the country.

"We intend to go to Washington (D.C.) meet with the Brady Group, you know, and hopefully I can meet with some of the mothers and fathers from Connecticut," Davis said. "I'd like to meet with them because I know that they are having a group that they are getting together also to change the gun laws, and I hope to be a part of that also."

Davis believes if he can get in touch with some of America's most powerful men and women, he'll be able to make a change.

"The guy that has $10 billion is the most powerful person, and that's who I want to reach," Davis said. "I haven't been able to reach those people yet, and I wish that at some point I reach Mr. (Warren) Buffet or Mr. (Bill) Gates or Mr. (Donald) Trump."

In the meantime, Davis is making plans just a few weeks before what would've been Jordan's 18th birthday, choosing to remember his son on better days.

"I see him, smiling, see him happy," he said.

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