Missing dog Tebow found, returned to his owner

Man arrested after deputies say he let dog out of car at Clay County Walmart

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - A Middleburg woman has been reunited with her dog named Tebow, after he went missing from a Walmart parking lot.

"I'm just glad the news media got involved and there are good Samaritans out there and I'm just thankful to get my dog back," said Susan Wargo, Tebow's owner.

Tebow is home in Middleburg for the first time since September 7.

A good Samaritan had found Tebow after he disappeared from the parking lot and contacted authorities when Tebow's disappearance made the news.

"The outpouring of support by the community with text messages was just unbelievable," Wargo said.

Clay County Sheriff's deputies say Tebow disappeared because Brian Dolinger let him out of Wargo's vehicle.

Dolinger was parked next to Wargo's vehicle and, according to the police, was annoyed by Tebow's barking.

But Dolinger says he was just trying to crack the door because it was hot out and Tebow was in the car with the windows up apparently overheating.

"Everyone's blaming me for Tebow disappearing. The dog was still in the car when I left. I did not take the dog, I did not touch the dog, I did not reach inside for the door lock. My fingerprints are not on the door lock, and when the detective comes back with the fingerprints he will find that my prints are only on the outside door handle," Dolinger said.

Dolinger says his mugshot has been plastered up all over the news for this, but he says he was only trying to help Tebow.

"People calling my phone. Blowing it up asking me what's going on. I've never been in trouble in my life, worked all my life since I was 15. I don't deserve this," Dolinger said.

Dolinger was charged with auto burglary and grand theft.

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