Palm Coast home plane crashed into torn down

Homeowner's lawyer says she is still traumatized

PALM COAST, Fla. - The house that Susan Crockett escaped from in January after a small plane crashed through the roof and burst into flames was demolished Thursday.

"We're sure it's a relief to the neighbors, but most importantly to Miss Crocket to just finally get some closure," said Marc Dwyer, Crockett's attorney. "The remnants of the disaster are finally being removed permanently."

A Beech Bonanza H35 trying to make an emergency landing at nearby Flagler County Airport crashed into the house, killing the pilot and two passengers.

Crockett decided not long after that she wouldn't be able to continue living there -- it was just too hard.

Only days after the crash, she told Channel 4 she wasn't sleeping well.

"Having nightmares; sleeping a lot during the day; can't go back to work," Crockett said at the time. "Loud noises scare (me), make me jump."

Dwyer says she's still affected by the accident and doesn't want to return to a place that changed her life forever. Dwyer, though, was there to watch the pieces of the home come down and be carried away.

"It was clear based upon how she was traumatized psychologically, she was not going to return to the residence, nor anywhere else where planes may fly by," Dwyer said.

Dwyer said Crockett will seek damages, but legal proceedings cannot begin until the National Transportation Safety Administration completes its investigation, and that is expected to take at least eight months.

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