Police: Man who fired at SWAT vehicle injured

Police called to Westside home, exchange gunfire with suspect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police say a 45-year-old man holed up in his Westside home Thursday after firing a shot at his mother during an argument.  Hours after a SWAT team arrived, that man was hospitalized with a head injury after surrendering to police.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Chief Annie Smith said Gary Robert Schiwart suffered a head injury, but it was not known if he was hit by bullets officers fired during the standoff.

Police initially responded to a call of armed burglary the home on Herlong Road at 11:32 a.m.  In the early afternoon, Schiwart's sister called and said he was threatening to kill their mother and himself.  Responding officers called the SWAT team when they heard shots from inside the house shortly before 1 p.m.

Police say Schiwart showed himself on three separate occasions during the afternoon and evening, including firing on an armored SWAT vehicle. Officers fired in response.

Channel 4's crew said he heard several explosions, possibly gunshots, about 6 p.m.

The man showed himself twice more; both times he was engaged by officers. He finally surrendered peacefully about 7 p.m., shortly after the third engagement.

A total of four officers fired shots during the incident, but as of 10 p.m., it still wasn't known if he was hit by the gunfire.

Police evacuated nearby homes, and keeping residents out of their homes for hours.

"It's killing me right now, I've been stuck outside and can't get to my house. It's killing me right now," said a neighbor, Aaron Speight.

Channel 4's Crime Analyst, Ken Jefferson explained that establishing a safe perimeter in large scenes like Thursday's where shots can be fired is difficult.

"People understand that you're dealing with someone who can harm them and children. Every now and then you have exception of people who go in their homes. You have to understand, when police – when police are working, they're in charge of that entire scene," said Jefferson.

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